Friday, March 21, 2014

Candor Party Favor Ideas

Need some ideas for what to include in a Candor party bag? Here's what we've come up with.

Candor Cherry Chews
These Candor Cherry Chews are one of the more fun ideas we had for our Divergent Party Favors bag. The bag topper pattern is in the Choosing Day Miniatures portion of the Divergent Party Printables.

[I apologize for the quality of this photo. I was using my phone because I can't find my good camera.]

George's coat and the lettering on the bag topper are actually in green in the printables file but apparently I was running out of yellow ink, so that made it turn out blue when I printed it.

Anyway, you can fill it with any cherry flavored chewy candies, like Twizzler Bites or Nibs, Laffy Taffy, Jelly Belly Cherry jelly beans, or Cherry Starbursts (yes! you can order all cherry ones from Amazon). We decided to go with Cherry Sours which I found at Hobby Lobby—because they sort of look like cherries.

Honest Abe Tokens
The 3/4" circle stickers from the Choosing Day Kisses portion of the Divergent Party Printables are the exact size of a U.S. penny.

We printed the Candor symbols on the large label paper. Punched them out using the 3/4" circle punch (just like with the Choosing Day Kisses), and stuck them on the back side of a penny. It's an exact fit so you have to line it up just right.

Then we made these notes. You can make up your own message or use my words if you want.

We put both the note and the penny in a little 3" x 4" baggie (same as we used for the Candor Chews).

This makes a very easy and inexpensive party favor—the cheapest on in the whole bag!

Candor Food & Goodies

For a Candor party featuring food, find items that are black, or white, or black and white mixed together. There are a variety of snack cakes that are chocolate on the outside with white cream filling in the middle. Another favorite is Oreo cookies.

Or use a marble cake mix or recipe to make marbled cake, cupcakes or cookies. Or you can take a standard cookie of any type and frost the tops with black (chocolate frosting) on one side and white frosting on the other.

If you're wanting more "healthful" foods, you can mix black and white beans together for a side dish or soup, or mix black beans or black lentils with white rice.  Finger food ideas include black olives with white cauliflower.

Candor Games
Candors would love any two-player strategy game, especially if the board and/or pieces are black and white.

Dice is a great choice and there are so many variations. Just make sure you use black and white dice.

Other games include Fox and Hounds (make your own black and white board and markers), Chess, Backgammon, Abalone, and Go! Also some checker games come in black and white instead of the traditional black and red. 

Candor Accessories

Anything with a black and white pattern is going to excite a true Candor. Fortunately, zebra prints are still popular and you can find lots of black and white items at your local Dollar Store. Other good places to check are Target and Wal-Mart's Dollar sections and clearance tables. Here are just a few ideas.
Black and White Notebooks

Anything with a black & white zebra pattern

Zebra Body Pillow


Black & White Umbrella

Now It's Your Turn

Please share your ideas for Candor treats and party favors in the comments.

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