Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Choosing Day Hersheys Miniatures

This is a fun Choosing Day treat using Hershey's Miniatures.

To make these Choosing Day packages with Hershey’s Miniatures, you will need:
  • Colored paper, one color for each faction. I used:
    Abenegation = Gray
    Amity = Yellow
    Candor = White
    Dauntless = Orange*
    Erudite = Blue
    Divergent = Red
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Stapler
  • Tape
  • 3” x 4” plastic bags
  • Hershey’s Miniatures

1. Print faction candy bar wraps on colored paper. I like the rainbow of colors a lot, so color printer wraps are not included in the printables.

2. Use paper cutter or scissors to cut out each wrap, using the crop marks as guides. Cut wraps are 1.25” x 3”. Trim if needed.

I found it easiest to cut the horizontal lines first. Then I cut approximately 1/2" off the left and right sides. (I say approximately because every printer pulls just a tad differently and yours might line it up a little more or less than that.) Then I sort of eye-balled the other cuts at about 1.25" width each.

Or you can do it the scientific way and place the sliver of paper from the top of the sheet (that you cut off when you did the horizontal cuts) on top of the other sheets and use them as a guide.

One note of caution, don't mix the faction sheets when you're cutting. Cut all of one faction together, then all of the next faction. If you try to cut multiple factions at the same time, you may end up with wraps that look like this:

This happens because of slight differences in paper weight and thickness between colors. That teensy difference can cause your printer to pull the paper through at just the tiniest difference of an angle.

3. Line the faction wrap up to the Miniature with the logo centered. The Miniatures have a little divet on the top so if you put your thumb on the circle and line it up with the divet, it will be perfect.

4. Wrap the faction wrapper over the original Hershey’s Miniature wrapper and tape in place.

Since Hershey’s Miniatures only come in four flavors and there aren’t always equal numbers in the package, don’t worry too much about which faction wrappers go on which flavors.

However, if this is important to you (and yes, I confess, it was important to me), you can use these designations:
  • Amity: Milk Chocolate (sweet and pleasant)
  • Dauntless: Dark Chocolate (rich chocolate cake)
  • Candor: Mr. Goodbar (discuss pros & cons of nuts)
  • Erudite: Krackle (sharp mind = sharp crackle of the crispies)
  • Abnegation & Divergent: Any (they won’t care)

Wrapping your Miniatures takes awhile to do and I suggest doing Abnegation and Divergent last because if you're doing a whole bunch, by the time you get to the end you're going to be a little sloppy and, honestly, those two factions really won't care.

And if you're down to the wire and you run out of the fresh Miniatures and don't have time to go to the store to get more but you have some Miniatures left over from that holiday that was a few months ago, well, Abnegation will be just fine with those. They'd give everyone else first choice anyway.

4.  Put one of each faction Miniature into each plastic bag and seal.

5. Print the Choosing Day bag toppers on white printer paper or colored paper of your choice.

6.  Use a paper cutter or scissors to cut as indicated, using crop marks as a guide. The finished size should be 3” wide by 3.33” tall. It does not have to be exact.

7.    Fold the toppers in half and staple or tape over the top of the plastic bag.

Get the Choosing Day Miniatures printables and more Divergent Party Printables by CLICKING THIS LINK (You must create an account before adding it to your cart.)

*Yes, I know the color for Dauntless is black but Candor is black and white and I didn't want two black and white wraps, so I used orange because it is the color of fire. And I have no idea what color Divergent would be but I thought red was nice.


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