Saturday, March 22, 2014

Divergent Movie Day!

I'm going to see Divergent today with some of my favorite people on the planet! {Neener-Neener} We all agreed to take the faction test and dress up according to the faction we were most like. 

I thought for sure I'd get Erudite, but *shock!* I came out as Divergent. That isn't as easy to dress for as you'd think because you have to keep it secret.

So, I decided I'd officially tell people I was Erudite but give them hints that I might be something more…

Erudites always wear at least one blue item of clothing. Ergo—blue jeans. Easy-peasy.

And I will have a book in my purse, but that's nothing out of the ordinary for me.

There is also blue in my shirt. However, it sort of has one of those multi-colored hippy-dippy designs. It might fit in at an Amity party.

Then my flip-flops. Notice the black and white stripes that reflect the Candor pattern?

Abnegation was hard because—well, they are visually boring. So I decided to not wear my earrings today. As a sign of sacrifice (It is a sacrifice because I always wear earrings. ALWAYS.)

And last, I have a hidden tattoo on my ankle for Dauntless.

 No, it's not as cool as three ravens, but it is a bird.

What do you think? Will I fool anyone?

When you go see Divergent,
what faction will you dress as?

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