Saturday, April 19, 2014

Books at Comic Con! Yes!!

This is the last post and I saved my favorite topic to end with—BOOKS!

A lot of my author friends were here at Comic Con. Many of them were doing presentations, panels, and/or had booths. I did not see them, but I know they were there because 1) their names were in the program, and 2) I've seen them posting pics on Facebook. I wish I had photos and could spotlight each and every one of them but…

So here's who I did see.

Loved his Fablehaven series and the Pingo books. Still trying to catch up on the Beyonders series and Candy Shop War books. Here he's getting ready for a book signing of his newest, Five Kingdoms, at the Shadow Mountain booth.

And speaking of Shadow Mountain

This is one side of their booth.

And here is the other side. They had so many books there! A lot of them I've read and loved. Others are on my To Read list.

I took her photo because she was dressed up. There were several other authors on either side of her, some I took photos of as well, but they turned out all blurry. So unfortunately, they only get a shout out and not a photo. They were:

Both an author and an illustrator, this guy is a great presenter and I'm sad he won't be at Storymakers this year. I didn't get to say hello to him, but I met his wife, Mrs. Tayler (sorry, I forgot your first name), who has a book coming out soon.

Michaelbrent and I know each other via email and facebook but we've never met in person. I've read and liked a few of his books, but there are some I can't read because he's just too freaking scarey. He was off teaching a class when I went by his booth, but his mom was there. And look at her steampunk hat. Loved it!

Barnes and Noble Booth

So I was pointing out to Julie all the books on this table that I've read and/or own, not realizing that standing right next to the table was…

I've read several of her books and liked them all. And here I am going all fan-girl on her.

By the way, her hair is not normally pink but she dressed up. Because she's just cool like that!

And there you go. My adventures at Comic Con. Thanks again to Jay and Amy of The Browsers, KSL radio, and Salt Lake Comic Con for the free tickets. I loved it and hope to make this a regular event—even if I have to pay next time.

Evermore Adventure Park

When I first heard that they were building a theme park in MY town, I was underwhelmed. I told my husband we were going to have to move.

But Evermore Adventure Park had a booth at Comic Con and I've changed my mind. This is going to be awesome!

See this guy (on left)? He was a merchant trader. He had Evermore gold coins that he would trade for pretty much anything. The problem was, I was traveling light. I had phone, camera, and flip flops with me. But he was an nice guy and let me trade a business card for a doll website.

And here's the coin.



Honest, this place is going to be so cool! They have gargoyles!





Why do I have so many photos of the gargoyle? Because I entered to win a smaller version of this statue. I'm hoping this will pump my karma a little.

Fan Art and More

One of the coolest things was all the awesome costume booths, artists, and fan art displays. I tried to keep track of which photos were in which booth but when I got home it was such a mess I couldn't sort it all out.

So here is just a sampling of the coolness.

The Doctor…and a Little More Cosplay

I love Doctor Who! There were so many trinkets and so much fun fan art on display. I think there was maybe more Dr. Who stuff there than any other single franchise.

Or maybe I just noticed more of it.

The Tardis

Yes, there was a Tardis at Comic Con! You could get your photo taken inside it if you wanted, but the line was so long that Julie & I decided to go around to the back. Where there was NO line.

And there was also…

Exterminate!  Exterminate! Exterminate!

Why the Dalek was being escorted by a Star Trek engineer is beyond me. But since her shirt is red, I don't think there was a happy ending.

The Doctor!

With a Fez!

And a Sonic Screwdriver!


This guy was a really good sport. It took awhile to get the camera to take the photo.

Mask Guy

I'm not sure what this guy was supposed to be but it was awesome. His costume played some really freaky noise and then he came up and tried to strangle me!

Here is his costume from the side.

So Julie and I decided we needed to get with the cosplay a little more. So we got color streaks put in our hair. Julie went with pink.

And I went with purple. Doesn't show up really well, but if you look close you can see it.

And then I decided to get a tattoo.

No, I don't have green spots on my leg. They had some kind of laser light show going on in the tattoo booth.

Witches and Steampunk

One of the coolest things we saw on the vendor floor was the booth for the Witches Ball at This Is The Place Heritage Park

Do you see that cage there to the left???


Oh, no! The witches got me!

I look like I'm having too much fun, don't I?

 They got Julie too.

I think she's going to be someone's lunch!

I love the look of Steampunk. I was so disappointed when I didn't make it to last year's Salt City Steamfest. Maybe this year… They had a booth on the vendor floor and the girl that was there (Valentine Goodnight) was awesome. My photo of her didn't turn out. I thought I got a lot more steampunk photos but apparently only this one.


Warning! A few of these photos are gross.

I love zombie lore—well, the light-hearted zombie stuff. I think it's fun. I have lots of zombie stuff—so of course, I have to give zombies their on post.

Convergys (yes, the telemarketing company) had a booth at Comic Con. Which you'd think would be weird, but they actually did something very clever. They had a zombie and a green screen. You got to pick your background and then have your photo taken. FREE!

 Julie about to be attacked by the zombie.

 And me.

Then there was this place.

 Me noticing the zombies…

Me realizing I'm going to die!

And then just around the corner 
(here is where it gets gross)

And grossest of all—a close up.

You're welcome.

Creepers and Jedis and Iron Man, Oh My!

Comic Con was on my grandson's birthday. I wish I could have taken him with me—and his cousins. But since I couldn't, he asked if I'd take photos of any MineCraft stuff. So this post is for my grandkids.

Grandma & Creeper

MineCraft stuff

Grandma & Iron Man

 Bumble Bee?

 A Jedi

Take a closer look at his eyes!


Grandma & R2