Saturday, April 19, 2014

It Started with The Doctor…

The Browsers on KSL radio is my favorite radio show. In fact, it's the only one I listen to on any kind of regular basis. I usually only listen to radio in my car, but I learned how to link to and stream KSL radio on my computer just so I could listen to Jay and Amy's geek show. (Geek = lots of cool online and tech stuff.)

I also follow The Browsers on Facebook and this last week they were hosting a heroes and villains smackdown.

The other day this popped up on my news feed.

So, yes, I HAD to go vote. And of course, I voted for The Doctor. I voted for him again when he came up against Thor, because yes, Thor is all broody and super muscley, and he has a hammer. But really. Dr Who is clever, and British, and has a sonic screwdriver! No brainer.

And then there was Darth Vader vs Loki. I had to go with Loki (even though my grandsons will disown me when they find out) because clever evil is just so much scarier than plain and simple evil evil.

And here's the thing I didn't realize at first: every time I voted I was entered to win free passes to  the Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience. And…


I won two VIP passes to Comic Con!!!

I saw the e-mail late Wednesday night and it took me five hours to find a friend who has their priorities straight and was willing to ditch work and go with me on opening day! (Yay for Julie!)

I did not have enough time to put together a costume, but I did wear my Zombie Hunting bracelet

and my dragon ring

and I carried my skull bag.

And here we are at KSL Broadcast house picking up our tickets.

The VIP passes included a t-shirt, lanyard with VIP badge, FanX program and the VIP gold bracelet and some other goodies.

And yes, I do intend to shadow box these items and hang them on my living room wall until I die. Then I shall bequeath them to whomever is my current favorite child.

Thank you Jay & Amy,
The Browsers, KSL &
Salt Lake Comic Con!

More photos of the day coming soon!

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