Saturday, April 19, 2014


Warning! A few of these photos are gross.

I love zombie lore—well, the light-hearted zombie stuff. I think it's fun. I have lots of zombie stuff—so of course, I have to give zombies their on post.

Convergys (yes, the telemarketing company) had a booth at Comic Con. Which you'd think would be weird, but they actually did something very clever. They had a zombie and a green screen. You got to pick your background and then have your photo taken. FREE!

 Julie about to be attacked by the zombie.

 And me.

Then there was this place.

 Me noticing the zombies…

Me realizing I'm going to die!

And then just around the corner 
(here is where it gets gross)

And grossest of all—a close up.

You're welcome.

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