Book Reviews

I generally review books that I like. Most of the time, they're books I've purchased or borrowed from the library.

Sometimes authors and publishers send me books to review. (Noted on the review post.) The fact that I get a free book in no way influences my review. Neither does my friendship with the author.

If you want me to review your book, contact me first. There are some genres I just won't read.

My favorite genres are:
  • Mystery/Suspense
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Paranormal Fantasy
  • Any kind of Speculative
  • Young Adult (realistic and speculative)
  • Middle Grade Fantasy

I don't particularly care for:
  • Romance
  • Westerns
  • Animal Stories
  • Gorey, violent or sexy books

Before you contact me about a review or send me a book, know this:
  • I like character driven books.
  • I am picky. Very picky.
  • I don't promise that I will post a review of your book, but I will consider it. 
  • I don't promise a positive review.
  • I don't promise your review will be posted within a certain time frame. (Blog tours are iffy. Depends on my schedule.)
  • I will read at least the first 50 pages. After that, no guarantees.
  • I will review both print and ebooks.
  • I will not return books. You send it on spec.

My book reviews are listed in the sidebar under "Book Reviews by Genre." Also in this list are:
  • My Books — books created by me
  • My Top Reads — my Top Picks from books I read each calendar year
  • z Bibliomania — all things book-related (not just reviews)
  • z Reading Lists — the full lists of books I read each year

You can contact me about a review at kbrowning59 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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