When I was 16, I made a Bucket List. I didn't call it that. I called it "The 100 Things I want to Do or Have Before I Die" list. I wish I still had a copy of that list, but alas, it has gone the way of the world. However, I do remember that I did 98 of the things on the list before I got married at age 21. (The only two I didn't get were backpacking through Europe and motorcycling across the United States.)

I've decided I need to do it again. Only with a twist.

First, I'll have the usual Bucket List of things I want to do, visit, create, whatever, only I'm calling it my "Wouldn't It Be Totally Cool If I …" list. As I post about them, I'll link to the post to show what I've done.

Second, I'm creating a Life is Fun! list, wherein I commit to doing/trying new or different things. Apparently, my sisters have been doing this since January (2011) but didn't bother to clue me in on that fact (see this post). Brats.

Anyway, the Life is Fun! list will be comprised of silly little things. In fact, they'll be downright whimsical—because at my age, you really can't get too much whimsy!

Wouldn't It Be Cool If I...
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2011 Life is Fun!
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  1. Okay. Guess I need to think about this a bit.
  2. Item Number 2 
  1. Picked a moose nose (8/6)
  2. Tried on Toe Shoes (8/6)
  3. Put a feather in my hair (7/25)
  4. Dressed as a wizard for the final Harry Potter movie (7/25)
  5. Invented the Totally Heavenly Tasting Chocolate Nut Spread That You Can Eat Without Having to Repent Later Fruit Dip recipe  (7/18)

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