Sunday, December 16, 2007

2007 Winter Reading Challenge

No, it's not too late to sign up! Even though the Winter Reading Challenge officially started on December 22nd, and the deadline for the Grand Prize was December 29th, you can still join us for the challenge. As long as you are signed up, you are eligible for the intermittent prizes.

Winter is upon us and there's no better way to spend a cold and snowy day than snuggled up with a good book.

So, time for a reading challenge!

Here are the details:

Who: The 07/08 Winter Reading Challenge is for anyone who needs a little incentive to read.

What: A winter reading challenge for everyone. Set your goals and track your progress. No goal is too small; no ambition too great.

When: December 22, 2007 through March 19, 2008

Where: The blogosphere. Post your winter reading list on your blog then link to that specific post page using the Mr. Linky below.

Why: What? We need a reason?

How (aka the detailed details):

1. Make a list of books you’d like to read during the winter. Check your bookshelves and nightstands for unread (or unfinished) books. Go to the library. Browse your local bookstore or Check book lists from other reading challenges. Ask your friends and neighbors for suggestions. Encourage them to join as well. Start a group where you all read the same books. That’s cool too.

2. Set your goal. There are 12 weeks of winter. If your goal is to read one book this winter, that’s great. If your goal is to read 12 books, or even 24 books, that’s great, too.

*Once again, I’d like to suggest that we stretch a little. If you normally read fiction, put at least one non-fiction on your list (and vice versa). Or try a genre you don’t usually read. (I may have to read another romance.) Or try a new author chosen totally at random. But most importantly, make your list FUN so you'll want to read!

3. Write your blog post defining your list. If you have all your books nearby, you could stack them up, take a photo and post it. If you’ve really got time on your hands, provide a link to for each of your titles. Totally up to you.

4. Come back here and sign up through Mr. Linky below. Let’s support each other in this fun winter reading challenge. Visit the blogs of other participants and POST COMMENTS! We all love comments. Also, please leave a comment on this post when you sign up, so I'll know to go check out your list.

(I promise I will visit the site of every participant and post a comment on your book list post, your book review post(s), your recap post, and at least one other post, unrelated to the Winter Reading Challenge.)

5. Feel free to post the Winter Reading Challenge image in your sidebar and/or in your post. Please link the image back to this post.

6. Regularly (as totally defined by you) update your posted reading list on your original blog post. Change the color of the text or cross through them as you finish each book. Also, feel free to change your list as desired. If you start reading a book and decide you don't like it, take it off your list. If you hear about a great book, add it to your list. If you decide your list is too long, shorten it. Remember, this is supposed to be fun—not a chore.

7. Almost Entirely Optional: Post reviews of the books you read on your blog. Use the Mr. Linky on Winter Reading Challenge Review page to link back to your reviews. (This is entirely optional, but required if you want to win the Grand Prize.)

8. At the end of the challenge, write a recap post telling us about your experiences in pursuing your reading goals. I’ll have a list of questions for you to consider answering and another Mr. Linky to be posted the last week of winter (sometime around March 13th).

9. And yes, there will be PRIZES. There will be intermittent prizes throughout the challenge. I'm trying to work out some donated books. If you're an author and would like to donate a prize (and ship it to the winner) let me know. (If I don't get the donations, some of the prizes will be gently read copies from my personal library that I'm trimming down.) There will also be a grand prize consisting of a $10 Gift Card to either Barnes and Noble or Borders (winner's choice).

Grand Prize Eligibility Requirements:
  • Join the Winter Reading Challenge by posting your reading list on your blog and signing up using the Mr. Linky below by midnight (MST) on Saturday, December 29th, 2007.

  • Post at least one book review and use the Mr Linky here to share it with us.

  • Post a recap of your Winter Reading Challenge experience on your blog and link through the recap Mr. Linky by midnight (MST) on Wednesday, March 26th, 2008 (one week after the challenge ends). (Recap page will be posted in March.)
Note: You can join the Winter Reading Challenge at any time; deadlines are only for prize eligibility.

Okay, that’s it. Let’s get reading!

Note: Occasionally, the Mr. Linky may disappear. This is due to Blenza having exceeded their bandwidth. Hopefully it will come back before too long. Sorry. If Mr. Linky is not here when you come to sign up, post a comment and I'll notify you when it's back.


Tristi Pinkston said...

I will definitely be joining you, Karlene! I'll make my list and check it twice and get back to you.

Unknown said...

Karlene, what a great idea! I'm totally on board, and posting everything on a additional blog I just started, because ostensibly my first blog was supposed to be devoted to fiction only. (Though lately, I'm taking a short break from fiction but, I know myself--I can on stay away for so long.)
The second blog, which was easier for me to put up than a second page on Typepad's is devoted to reviews and memes, but it's also set up for badges. Check it out--I'm really excited about you winter reading challenge, though I think prizes are unnecessary--always nice, but the reading itself is pure pleasure.

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

I want to play too-I don't have a post up yet, I need to go to the library and see what it is I want to read. How long are sign ups up for?

Thanks for visiting my site, it was good to see you again.

Karlene said...

Sign ups are up the entire time of the challenge. It's just to be eligible for the Grand Prize you need to sign up by the end of the first week, Dec. 29th.

Wendy said...

Karlene, I just learned of your challenge today - looks great. I own a blog called Novel Challenges where I post links to all the reading challenges on the blog-o-sphere. I've posted your challenge here.

I am quite over-challenged right now, but will have to think about joining :)

Anonymous said...

i'm a slow reader (except for the twilight series) so- i won't be able to compete with your book a week.... but sign me up :) suan

Unknown said...

Sound like fun, Karlene. I'll get my list up after Christmas, okay?

Unknown said...

I'm in. I'll be doing a bit of research (to decide on the books) before I compile my list, but I'm in!

Tara R. said...

Just joined in... have my list posted. I'm really looking forward to this. Thanks!

Marianne Arkins said...

Okay, I'm in. Got my list posted this morning. **fingers crossed**

Considering how little I've been able to read lately, I hope I'm not biting off more than I can chew.

Thanks for the invite!

Maria said...

I'm definitely thinking about it... Are there any restrictions on whether or not the books are allowed to be cross-overs to other challenges?

Nise' said...

Thanks for hosting this challenge. Looking forward to checking everyone's reading list out.

Shauna said...

I'm already reading! Thanks for hosting.

Karlene said...

I posted an answer to Maria's question over on her blog, but in case anyone else is wondering...
Yes, cross-over books count. You can add any book you read for any reason to your Winter Reading Challenge list. (That's what makes this challenge extra easy and fun.)

Sandra said...

It took me awhile to sign up, though I posted it on my blog a while back, the computer at work wouldn't let me use Mr. Linky and I kept getting side tracked when I got home. I will post my book list after I see what ones Santa brings ;)

Allie Boniface said...

This sounds like fun...thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting this - one of my 2008 goals is more reading - even trying to sneak the clssics and must reads in...I hope this challenge will help!


Maria said...

It looks like we can only use Mr. Linky once, so here's the link to my first review :)


Karlene said...

Sorry Maria. You caught me nappin'. The review post is up and I entered your link.

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

I'm new here as Marcia told me about the challenge. I've linked in and I can already add a review! This is such a cool thing to do!

Lightningsky said...

What a great idea! I've joined! I can't wait to tell my friends.

Brittanie said...

I think I am on my way to be addicted to online reading challenges. I just finished Fall into Reading with Katrina and am looking forward to the Winter Challenge with you. :)

Kristen said...

sounds like fun! it'll be good to branch out a bit.

Unknown said...

I came here through Brittanie's site. I won't get to post my list until I get home from work...but I went ahead and added my name (hope that's ok). Thanks for the challenge, I'm excited! :)

Booklover said...

I will also be joining you!! I can hardly wait. I have a stack at home, so I will be blogging, and sending in my list asap! What a fun idea, thank you!


Anonymous said...

So, I'm hoping to post my review (Review?...? What was I thinking?) of "Hamlet" today or tomorrow.
Reading the play was thrilling and endlessly enlightening.
Writing about it? I'll do my best, in my inadequately schooled way.
PS. I'm only putting this here, because "Mr Linky's" sometimes works for me, sometimes doesn't. I plan to post my reactions at 10 pm EST, 12/27/08 on my Review blog.

Unknown said...

Why the above showed up by "anonymous" testifies to my ineptness.

Anonymous said...

I am excited about this contest!! Any excuse to read is good for me. It's even better to have a goal to work towards. Thanks!

Michelle said...

I am in! Thanks for the challenge!

alisonwonderland said...

alright, i did it ... my list is posted! (i'm just going to have to give up sleep, i think.) thanks for hosting!

Alix said...

This sounds fun I can't resist! Posted my books, sorry they are not in a list in the preview they are if anyone can advise me what I'm doing wrong that would be great - thanks!

Anonymous said...

A. Thanks for hosting this!
B. Thanks for the official "Boys are Allowed" nod!
C. I am very excited to make a list of 50 books and read 2!

Juliette said...

Thank you for hosting this challenge and please count me in. Here is my list

krin said...

Just posted my list - thanks for doing this challenge!

Anonymous said...

Just posted my list...this is my FIRST reading challenge. Looks like fun!

Jackie Lee said...

What a great idea. I used to have summer reading challenges growing up. It's a little more "challenging" now with a little one to get reading done. But I'm up for it!!!

Jackie Lee :)

jlshall said...

I'm completely new to reading challenges, and fairly new to blogging. But this sounds like fun, so thought I'd give it a try. Just posted my list on my blog - hope I'm doing everything right! Thanks for hosting.

Anonymous said...

This is my first book challenge but I am excited ! Count me in !

Anonymous said...

My daughter, Booklover told me about your sight, so here I am ready to play. I'll get a book list ready ASAP.

Kim said...

I want to join in the fun too! I posted the link to my blog post containing my list. Thanks for hosting such a fun and easy challenge. I love the buttons, by the way! :)


Anonymous said...

I know your deadline was midnight on 12/29, but I just found my way over here via Cafe Leone and hope it's still ok to join!

Anonymous said...

Signing on a day late! Hope it's ok. I actually thought it was Saturday today! Anyway, thanks for hosting this challenge!

Spokane Southie said...

I am new to blogging and this will be my first reading challenge. My husband gave me a B&N gift card for Christmas so this is perfect timing. I accidentally in the wrong URL when I first signed up, so I am #49 and #50 on the list--sorry!

Anonymous said...

Yea! This shall be a fun challenge. Thanks for setting this all up. That linky thing is awesome. I'm excited to start posting reviews as I just started a book review blog. So I will write and post review for all the books I read. Have fun reading!

Anonymous said...

I'll be joining you in this challenge, with 12 books on my list. Here's a link back to the post on my blog.

Megan said...

You've got a lot of people signed up for this one, Mama! Or should I say Miss Popularity Mama? I promise once I get home on Friday and look at all my books I will sign up. I'm sorry I haven't yet, just with craziness...

Mary said...

I discovered you through Holly's reading blog - the challenge sounds like fun! I posted my reading list on my blog and entered my info in Mr. Linky.

Happy Reading!

Kristen said...

Glad I found this one. Signed up and posted a link too.

Juliette said...

Hi Karlene - I have completed my defined challenge list! What I now realise is that when I originally signed up for this I only gave my general blog address, not the specific challenge address. Is there anything you or I can do to change it or not? (It is below!) So sorry to be so untechie.

Kristi said...

Hi Karlene - I'm not sure if this is where you want us to post our challenge wrap-ups, but I've added mine to Mr. Linky. Let me know if you'd rather have it somewhere else.
~Kristi (Passion for the Page)

Juliette said...

Hi Karlene - and thank you for hosting! I have posted my wrap up comment and url and am enjoying reading all the others =)

jlshall said...

This has been great fun - thanks to Karlene for hosting and to everyone for participating. Don't know if this is the right place, but I've posted the link to my wrap-up.

Grilsgood said...

I am done, here are my books.

21 301 Stein, Sara B. About Handicaps
21 302 Ben-Zvi, Rebecca Tova Four Sides, Eight Nights
22 303 Jackson, Lisa The McCafferty's - Randi
23 304 VanLiere, Donna The Christmas Shoes
24 305 Weltly, Eudora The Optimist's Daughter
25 306 Jackson, Lisa McCafferty's Randi paper is HQN
26 307 Clark, Mary and Carol Dashing Through the Snow
27 308 Krentz, Jayne Ann Smoke in Mirrors 28
29 309 Roberts, NOra The Reef 2009 Books Read

date #
2 2 Cisneros, Sandra The House on Mango Street 144
3 3 Yerby, Frank The Serphant and the Staff LA 575
4 4 Dawson, Imogen Food and Feasts in the Middle Ages 32
5 5 Giles, Bridget Nigeria 128
6 6 Stein, Saraa B. About Handicaps 47
7 7 Connoly, Michael Blood Work and saw the movie CA 528
8 8 Iles, Greg Turning Angel MS? 799
9 9 McKissack, Patricia Marting Luther King, Jr 32 GA
9 10 Saterfield, Kathryn Benjamin Franklin 50 PA
10 11 Hooper, Kay Blood Sins NC 304
11 12 Evans, Richard Paul Grace Utah 336
12 13 Offinoski, Seven Blizard 64
12 14 World Book Winer Celebrations 46 394.261 W
13 15 Saul, John Black Lightening WA 464
14 15 Picoult, Jodi Vanishing Acts 432
15 16 Garwlood, Julie Fire and Ice IL 576
16 17 Small, Beatrice A Dangerous Love 480
17 18 Keene, Carolyn The Wichtree Symbol OH 179
18 19 Beaton, M. C. A Spoonful of Poison 288
19 20 Rowling, J. K. The Tales of Beedle the Bard 111
20 21 Roberts, Nora The Reef 730
21 22 Anderson, Hans Chriian The Little Match Girl 30
21 23 Malin, John Claude Monet 245
21 24 Robinson, Fay Chinese New Year 48
22 25 Jackson, Lisa Left to die MT 505
23 26 Anderson, Hans Christian The Steadfast Tin Soldier 29
24 27 Brooks, Polly Schoyer Queen Eleanor 183
25 28 Sparks, Nicholas Nights in Rodanthe NC 352 7894
26 29 Roberts, Nora Jewels of the Sun ILL 385 8279
27 30 Krentz, Jayne Ann Running Hot HI 352 8621
28 31 Turner, Robyn Montana mary Cassatt age 9-12 32 8653
29 32 Krentz, Jayne Ann Smoke in Mirrors WA 485 9138 Done to here
30 33 Spindler, Erica Breakneck ILL 385?
31 34 Hess, Joan Death by the Light of the Moon LA 240 9763

1 35 Powell-Jones, Mark Impressionist painting 80
2 36 Sedaris, David When You are Engulfed in Flames NC 512 lg
3 37 Brennan, Allison Kiliing Fear CA 567 lg 448 paper 1-29-2009
4 38 Roberts, NOra Tears of the Moon 503
6 39 Browne, Sylvia The Two Mary's 240
7 40 Browne, Sandra The Rana Look TX 274
8 41 Cohen, Daniel Vampires grades 6-8 age 9-12 115 pages
9 42 Adams, Sherred Wilcox Five Little Friends ebook 1922 139 pages
10 43 Gallison, Kate Hasty Retreat 214 NY 2525
11 44 Steinbeck, John The Short Reign of Pippip IV 32
12 45 Couper, Heather THow the Universe ws Born 32?
12 46 Funke, Cornelia The Princess Knight 29 pages
12 47 Funke, Cornelia The Pirate Girl 30 pages
12 48 Funke, Cornelia Ghostbusters and the Muddy Monster of Doom 103
12 49 Keene, Carolyn The Secret of Shadow Ranch 174 AZ
13 50 Koontz, Dean Winter Moon 581 MT and CA 3506
14 51 Muller, Marcia The Dangerous Hour 368 CA
15 52 Pausch Randy The Last Lecture PA 285
17 53 McNaught, Judith Night Whispers FL 495 lg
18 54 Gaus, P L. Broken English OH 205
19 55 Meier, Leslie Tippie-Toe Murder 256 pages Me
19 56 Page, Katherine Hall The Body in the Attic 336 MA
20 57 Dosier, Susan Civil War Cooking: The Union 32 5483
20 58 Richardson, Joy Insie the Museum NY 72
20 59 Krensky, Stephen Werewolves age 9-12 48
20 60 Vogt, Gregory Volcanoes age 9-12 63
20 61 Simon, Seymour Iceberhgs and Glaciers age 3-6 32
20 62 Nottridge, Phoda Apples 32 pages
20 63 Becker, Michelle Aki Groundhog Day 394.264 B Kids 31
20 64 Harness, Cheryl George Washington kids 920 W 48
21 65 Brennan, Allison Tempting Evil MT 517
22 66 Johansen, Iris The Treasure 624 pages
23 67 Garavaglia, Jan, Jan Dr. How Not to Die 614.1 G 288 pages no large
24 68 Fairstein, Linda Lethal Legacy 560 pgs NY
25 69 Roberts, Nora Heart of the Sea 429 Ireland
25 70 Richmond, Michelle Year of Fog CA 643
26 71 Foster, Susan Q The hummingbird in the flowers Kids 598.899 F 32
26 72 Koontz, Dean By the Light of the Moon AZ 737
26 73 Sandford, John Naked Prey Mn 527
26 74 Myers, Tamar Assault and Pepper PA 272
27 75 Karon, Jan These High Green Hills NC 653 11,283
76 Funke, Cornelia When Santa Fell to Earth 192 kids
to date 21,046

1 77 O'Nan, Stewart Songs of the Missing 515 OH rated 44
2 78 Meier, Leslie Tippie-Toe Murder 256 pages Me rated 3
3 79 Koontz, Dean Velosity 590 pages CA in need date rated 2
4 80 Ripley, Alexandra From Fields of Gold 576 lg in need date reated 4
5 81 Steinbeck, John The Pearl 128 La Paz, Mexico rated 5
6 82 Wold, Bernard Coming to America 305.892.W J 45 pg rated 4
6 83 Simon, Seymour Destination Space: the Hubble Telescope 520 S j 29 pages rated4
6 84 Greene, Carl Johann Sebastian Bach 920 B 47 pages J rated 3
6 54 Bial Raymond The Underground Railroad 973.7 B 48 pages J rated 4
6 86 Grahame, Kenneth The Rluctant Dragon 52 pages J rated 4
6 87 Bodenburg, Angela Sommer The Vampire in Love J 131 pages rated 2
6 88 Jadckson, Lisa Final Scream 699 Co rated 4 part of Missing 04 Mar 2009
7 89 Cornwell, Bernard Agincourt 656 rated 4
7 90 Erickson, Carolly The Hidden Diary of Marie Antonette 499 rated 5 4119 ??
7 91 Anderson, Hans Christian Short Stores rated 4
8 92 Brennan, Allison Playing Dead CA 625
8 93 Myron, Vicki Dewey rated rated 5 464
9 95 Spakrs, Nicholas The Wedding NC 286
10 96 Henley, Virginia The Marriage Prize Harlequin 336 lg
11 97 Jackson, Lisa Innocent by Association 219 Co
12 98 Weatherly, Myra Yo Yo Ma YA 112
12 99 Rice, Luanne Dance with Me RI 576 lg
13 100 Wheeler, Leslie Murder at Plimoth Plantation 251 MA
14 101 Jackson, Lisa Zachery's Law 240 OR
14 102 Burke, Jan The Messenger 305 CA
14 193 McNaught, Judith Someone to Waqtch over Me NY 560
15 104 Rice, Luanne The Perfect Summer finsih series CT 738 missed this one
15 105 Weiss, Ellen Mother Teresa 920 J 22
15 106 Markham, Marion M. The St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Mystery Me J 47
15 107 Lewis, J. Patrick One Dog Day Ill J 52
16 108 Diouf, Sylviane A. GRowing up in Slavery J 96
16 109 Grimm, Brothers The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales
16 110 White, Stephen Best Revenge Co audio 512
17 111 Gross, Andrew Don't Look Twice CT 3-3-9
18 112 Patterson, James Run for Your Life 2-02-2009 NY 436
19 113 Keene, Carolyn The Haunted Bridge